Ruby is 10 years old and has lived all her life in Chicago, with her parents. She has no siblings but she does have friends. This summer, Ruby’s parents have decided to spend a month in Maine to show Ruby a new part of her country and to get out of the city for a while. They have rented a house byLake Sagadahoc.

Ruby likes the lake and she is having a good time. On her last Sunday night in the lake house, while her parents are asleep, Ruby hears a low, gentle moan that wakes her up. It sounds like it is coming from the path to the lake, that begins right outside her front door! Ruby puts on her jacket and her sneakers and climbs out her window to follow the noise.

When she gets to the trail head, she finds a large bullfrog sitting on a rock and it is he who is making the sound. Ruby crouches down to look at him in the moonlight and she thinks she sees him cock his head to look at her. She is puzzled because frogs cannot do this. She holds out a finger to stroke the frog’s back and he startles her by jumping off the rock, but he does not flee from her. She leans towards him and says, “don’t be afraid, frog, I’m your friend.” “I believe you are,” replies the frog and thus begins Ruby’s Princess Adventure.

Ruby's Princess Adventure