10 yrs old; light brown curly hair that falls to the middle of her back; brilliant blue eyes; rosy cheeks


Ruby is a pre-teen who is very curious. She is obedient to her parents but she can be enticed into daydreams quite easily. She is very bright and quick, she is not very athletic but doesn’t shirk from climbing obstacles or running from place to place. When she is alone, her favorite activities are drawing and reading, she also loves music. She would like to learn to play the harp some day. Her best friends are two girls named Rebecca and Rosalind. Their teachers at school call the girls “The Three Rs.” Ruby has one other special friend. His name is Jonathan and he is the person who knows all of Ruby’s secret day dreams. She knows all of his. Ruby and Jonathan will probably go to the same college and it is very possible that they will get married some day.

Ruby is not someone who makes enemies or dislikes people. She has a very strong sense of justice and will defend someone who needs help. She prefers negotiation as a form of resolution rather than force. She has never been in a fight and has never been hit by anyone, but if she had to hit a person in order to save someone, she would do it. She is very brave but she doesn’t know that yet.


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